Recommended links and websites

(Boathouse Brewery has no affiliation with any of these sites or businesses)


The Country Malt Group is my source for bulk malt, mainly Fawcett & Sons from Yorkshire. They also sell acid cleaners, which aren't carried by any of the online homebrew suppliers I've seen.

My sources for hops are Freshops and Hops Direct.


The best source I've found for converted ½ barrel kegs for use as brewing vessels is Sabco.

Brewers Discount is the best place for inexpensive rebuilt corny kegs, though these days availability is scarce. They also now sell cheap corny keg disconnects, and have the best prices on cobra faucets and BLC.

The best gas regulators around are Micromatic. Their Premium regulators have a knob you can turn by hand to set the pressure, rather than messing around with a screwdriver, which is what you have to do with all other makes of regulators I've seen.

One of the best all-around homebrew mail-order websites is Beer, Beer, and More Beer.

For English beer engines, casks, and all cask-conditioned ale accessories, the best source in America is Paul Pendyck at UK Brewing Supplies. He is the the U.S. distributor of Angram handpumps.

The cheapest place I've found for PBW and BTF, as well as the Ranco digital temperature controllers, is Northern Brewer.

Midwest Homebrewing Supplies is a nice all-around webstore, with good prices on kegging equipment.

Another good webstore is William's Brewing. I think they have the lowest price on corny keg disconnects.

Some sources for stainless steel fittings (besides the homebrew webstores) are Buy Fittings Online and McMaster-Carr and J. Schmidt Stainless.

It's fun to drool over the expensive stainless steel brewing equipment at Bavarian Brewery Tech.

Here is a link to a truly esoteric item of real ale equipment: the plastic clips that hold the beer label badges to the handpump handle.

Leawood Manufacturing Ltd. also carries them in a slightly different form, but they are not listed on their website.

Other Homebrew Setups

Check out Brewzilla's list of over a hundred different homebrew setups.

Real Ale Links

The Campaign for Real Ale has a website with information on real ale in Britain, and also runs the Great British Beer Festival.

Here is a fantastic collection of brewery pump clips: DeeCee's Beer Pump Clips.

This huge collection of pump clips calls itself the National collection of beer pump clips.

This gentleman has a vast collection of bar towels, many of which are from British real ale breweries.

Brewing Information Resources

Brew Your Own is a great how-to magazine about homebrewing. Our brewing operation was featured in the September 2008 issue. Here is a scanned image of the actual magazine article:


Beer Advocate includes reviews of all commercial beers and various discussion fora.

Probrewer hosts great discussion areas on all brewing-related topics, targeted toward professional brewers.

Another very useful homebrewing resource is Basic Brewing Radio, a weekly podcast on the art and science of brewing.