Welcome to the online home of Boathouse Brewery. Please explore the site to learn about our brewery and the latest batches we've produced. Boathouse Brewery celebrates its twentieth anniversary of brewing in November 2016.

From our humble beginnings brewing extract batches on the kitchen stove, we have evolved to now brewing ten gallon batches on a purpose built stand and kegging in stainless steel, along with cask-conditioning ales and serving them on authentic English handpumps. We have been going for twenty years now, with over five hundred batches produced so far. Cask-conditioned ale, also known as real ale, is our favourite way of enjoying beer. Not widely available in the USA, real ale is the main reason we got into homebrewing.

"A quart of Ale is a dish fit for a king" -William Shakespeare

Boathouse BreweryBoathouse Brewery is a home brewery located in Olympia, Washington. In October 2010 we moved from Columbus, Ohio, where we brewed for the previous fourteen years. It all started with a $40 homebrew kit and a five gallon pot on the stove. Now we're doing all-grain batches on a half-barrel system with a pump, counterflow wort chiller, four handpumps dispensing real ale, nine stainless steel faucets serving force-carbonated beer, and enough refrigeration equipment to prompt a comment from our friend Brian Tuwalski, after he very kindly helped us move all of the equipment in, that "it looks like an HHGregg down here"!


The Boathouse name comes from my love of rowing and is derived from my years on the Ohio State University Crew while in college. We hope you enjoy our website and the diverse world of beer to which it is dedicated. For questions, comments, or suggestions, please email the brewmaster at benj@boathousebrewery.com. or the head brewer at steve@boathousebrewery.com.

What's On Tap?

Updated 10 October 2016

Cask Conditioned:
Cottage Brewing Golden Arrow clone
Harvey's Best Bitter clone
Boathouse Dark Mild
Boathouse CashSmash (Bitter with single hop Cashmere)
CO2 Dispense:
Boathouse Milk Stout
Sierra Nevada Tropical IPA clone
Pliny the Elder Douple IPA clone
Colin's IPA
Hopzest Pale Ale
Boathouse IPL
Simma' Down Brown Ale
Apple Pie Cider
Blackberry Cider
Coming Soon:
Boathouse Brown

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